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16. May 2024


Risk Forecast & Analysis


Quantic Financial Solutions

From 2012, Quantic Financial Solutions developed an algorithm-based forecasting model that creates balance sheet forecasts and risk indicators.

We’re utilizing our exclusive DeepData® Analyst tool to forecast the balance sheet positions of all listed and unlisted companies globally, totaling over 40 million entities, alongside 30,000+ financial institutions.

We use these forecasts in our asset management products, capital market and portfolio optimization services and restructuring projects.

The Quantic Corporate Dashboard (QCD) is a web-based illustration to show important financial ratios aggregated for many firms and broken down by countries and industries.

All the values within QCD are based on current forecasts of the DeepData® Analyst (DDA), QFS unparalleled financial statement forecasting solution, using almost one million companies globally.

Users can register free of charge on QCD to test its features, download sample results up to some threshold and leave comments.


350 million

Data Points
Analysed Total


Analysed Total


Corp. w/ Total Turnover
> 5 mio. Euro




Financial Parameters, Ratios & Risk Characteristics per Corporate

40+ Financial Items

Balance Sheet
and P&L

3 Financial Ratios

Key Financial

PD [%]

of Default & Multiples

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About Quantic Financial Solutions

QUANTIC Financial Solutions was founded 2011, is part of the C-QUADRAT Investment Group and a licensed investment company regulated by the Austrian Financial Market Authority.

Coming from a strong risk oriented background, we developed an algorithm to forecast balance sheets and P&Ls of every single corporate globally with an average certainty of more than 90%, based on data of 42+ mio. corporates.

Our models are used by major banks and financial institutions and
were audited by European regulators and by 3 of the big 4 audit firms.

C-QUADRAT Investment Group is headquartered in Vienna.
With more than 8 billion euro assets under management C-QUADRAT.

We apply our quantitative models on the capital markets
to generate fundamental driven quantitative investment strategies.


QUANTIC developed a new generation
of Investment Strategies. Dynamic trading algorithms
for equity investments based on our asset model
AssetDynamix for Equity, CDS & Bonds.

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The innovative approach to risk analysis enables a new quality of information, ratings and scorings for risk management. Economic forecasts and predictions reach a new level of precision in quality and will significantly reduce losses.

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