Quantic Financial Solutions offers financial institutions and corporates tailored solutions for all aspects of risk and financial management. Many years of experience with leading global financial institutions and a unique global perspective, as well as a deep understanding of the financial industry, allow Quantic to evaluate and optimize all types of risk at all levels of management.




“In finance the most relevant factor is time.”

The advantage running DataBased models is the crucial advantage of managing time-critical decisioning processes. Fast decisions lead to an accelerated company culture which allows to navigate through the challenges of the financial markets more flexible.

The Quantic strategy is to approach the Present and going forward.

Each Quantic partner has significant years of experience in strategic consulting and knowing the demands of the market. Fast paced decisions are need to be made so the provided framework needs to fit and adapt in a permanent manner especially in stress scenarios.

Our solutions and strategies understands and supports the mechanisms and processes within complex structures – from medium companies to global enterprises and system relevant financial institutions.


Our partner team has gained asset,
portfolio and risk management experience during
the last two decades in more than 100 financial
institutions all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA.

Quantic Financial Solutions can provide tailored solutions for banks,
insurance companies, credit unions and investment institutions.
Parameter customisation to fit FI’s internal structures,
portfolios and application requirements, based on
customers’ data or data from external vendors.



We provide risk advisory including portfolio and risk measurement support. Beyond classic ‘credit assessments’, we focus on receivables management for corporates, risk transparency on a deal, portfolio and institutional level.

We support our clients with all risk-related questions and modelling. In particular, we support them with risk parameters such as exposure, PD and LGD, portfolio risk as well as regulatory triggered requests.


The Quantic approach and experience with financial institutions enables us to obtain statistically reliable data to apply our methodologies on any corporate and its risk sensitive disciplines.

Our solutions deliver valuable data for areas ranging from supply chain management and portfolio management to financial investment strategy. Our methods allow us to go beyond traditional credit assessments by using globally available financial data, which, in turn, leads to significant reductions in capital and provisions.


With our DeepData approach, we forecast every financial of each significant firm (corporates and financial institutions). This allows for an unprecedented forward transparency, upon which we base our fundamental forward investment strategy.

By incorporating tomorrow’s financials into today’s portfolio allocation, it allows asset managers to unlock the potential of translating macroeconomic forecasts into individual investment decisions that generate consistent alpha.


Implementing value strategies

QUANTIC Financial Solutions was founded 2011,
is  part of the C-Quadrat Investment Group and a licensed investment company
regulated by the Austrian Financial Market Authority.

Coming from a strong risk oriented background, we developed a process for portfolio restructuring and enhancement for distressed porftolios
based on 20 years experience of each Quantic partner. We apply our quantitative models and risk engines to evaluate and forecast investment,
debt and corporate portfolios on single entity level. Our models are used by major banks and financial institutions and were
audited by European regulators and by 3 of the big 4 audit firms.



Obtain Data

Quantic uses its global database – allowing us to have a clearer picture of the situation of the assets individually and the portfolio as a whole.



We re-underwrite risk parameters of each asset in the portfolio and project every detail into the future



We create a segmentation and classify every asset based on defined criteria. This process is vital for providing an report on the current situation.


Derive optimal options

The Team provides optimal cases and options for economically best recovery which includes an initial procedure proposal.


Strategic Solutions

Based on extensive Analysis and re-underwriting process we offer the best strategic approach to optimize the current situation.


Transparency & Best Execution

Quantic provides full transparency at any time during the process while maintaining best execution standards in a optimization, wind-down oder work-out scenario.

 Coming from a strong risk oriented background, our Quantic partners
have two decades or more of experience in credit, risk and portfolio management.




Quantic Risk Solutions provides
leading edge portfolio analytics
and investment decision support
tools for you and your organisation.

Credit Risk Analysis

Asset Management

PD Estimation & Rating

Distressed Portfolios

Corporate Forecasting

Business Branch &
Geographic Forecasting

Portfolio Optimisation

Portfolio Wind-Down

Real-time Corporate
Credit Decisioning

Efficiency Gain for Banks in Credit

Regulatory Stress Testing

Early Warning Systems

Quantic global fair ESG

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Christian Jost becomes a member of Quantics management board

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We've proven our prediction models and risk solutions
with leading financial institutions.

Having been in business since 2011, our client portfolio includes global top 100 institutions, regional and local banks, EUR systems, international central banks, several of the world's largest audit firms and leading asset management service companies.

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