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/// Middle Office Analyst / Associate

An opportunity exists for a talented professional to join QUANTIC Financial Solutions Credit Risk team in Vienna. In this role, you will partner with our projects across different countries to analyse and evaluate debt and equity transactions in factoring portfolios. You bring with you demonstrated experience in the capital markets (preferably experience gained within project, leverage or structured finance, debt or equity analysis).

/// Java, C++, C# – Software Developer (m/f/d)

An opportunity exists for a talented professional to join QUANTIC Financial Solutions Credit Risk team in Vienna. In this role, you will partner with our DEV team, focusing on our quantitative platform and core software.

About QUANTIC Financial Solutions

Quantic consists of advisors and scientists for the next generation of asset management, risk analysis & prediction models and leading edge products for financial professionals and corporates. QUANTIC Financial Solutions was founded 2011, is now part of the C-Quadrat Group and a licensed investment company regulated by the Austrian Financial Market Authority. Coming from a strong risk oriented background, we developed an algorithm to forecast balance sheets and P&Ls of every single corporate globally with an average certainty of more than 90%, based on data of 42+ mio. corporates.

Our models are used by major banks and financial institutions and were audited by European regulators and by 3 of the big 4 audit firms. We apply our quantitative models on the capital markets to generate fundamental driven quantitative investment strategies.

Quantic global fair ESG

More than 1 year QUANTIC global fair ESG. Our QUANTIC global fair ESG fund selects from the best ESG compliant stocks worldwide. Quantic uses DeepData® investment algorithm ASSETDYNAMIX® to forecast share prices into the future based on global company balance sheet...

Christian Jost becomes a member of Quantics management board

C-QUADRAT Investment Group: Christian Jost becomes a member of the management board of QUANTIC Financial SolutionsQUANTIC Financial Solutions, an asset manager specialising in quantitative investment strategies and a member of the C-Quadrat Investment Group, is...

Quantic expands its sales team

Robert Schneider and Jakub Krivan join the sales team of Quantic Financial Solutions.The asset manager QUANTIC Financial Solutions, a company of the C-Quadrat Investment Group, which specializes in quantitative investment strategies, won two sales professionals for...

QUANTIC releases COVID Global Corporate Impact Simulation

Quantic provides free access to the COVID economic impact simulationFrom 2012, Quantic Financial Solutions (“Quantic”) developed an algorithm-based forecasting model that creates balance sheet forecasts and risk indicators. Deep Data Analysis We use our proprietary...

QUANTIC works on COVID-19 Impact Simulation

COVID-19 vs. Economy Corona is not only a viral disease that threatens humanity and, unfortunately, costs many lives, but also forces politics and governments around the world to take rigorous measures and has a major impact on the economic system. The disease is now...
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