The fundamental evaluation yields new quality levels of information, scores and ratings thus enabling a new approach to global asset management strategies. Our process to understand fundamental relations and projecting the future of capital markets is based on our Quantic core engines.

Our algorithmic-based forecasting models CreditDynamix® and AssetDynamix® calculate forecasts and and drive investment models from a global data universe providing access to future fundamental information for each individual company – globally.

We continuously improve the precision of our models backtesting them for the last 10 years.


“next level of asset management.”

Quantic’s solutions are focused on institutional investors and financial institutions, which want to achieve the best possible annual return with a purely quantitative investment strategy. At the same time, the investment products are transparent and follow a measurable risk strategy.


The DeepData approach enables to collect targeted global data and key figures and to use the total database of over 10 billion data points as the basis for any analysis and decision at any time using specially developed multidimensional algorithms.

QUANTIC solutions have been used by large companies and financial institutions for more than seven years. New asset management products with various investment strategies and regional focus are launched on a regular basis.

The Next Generation of Asset Management

ADX for asset management projects market prices [equity, CDS, bonds] based on corporate firms’ financial statement forecasts driven by macroeconomic factors & capital market variables (CREDITDYNAMIX) and trend behaviour on capital markets. Equity price forecasts are used to derive buy and sell signals as basis for investments.


The Asset Management Strategies

Fundamental relations & projecting the future of capital markets is based on our core engine for Equity, CDS & Bonds. Based on the buy and sell signals of the relevant asset pool QUANTIC STRATEGIES choose a dynamic portfolio. The most relevant strategic options can be distinguished as follows:


Our managed Funds

Quantic is member of C-QUADRAT Investment Group with experience in the European asset management industry for 28 yeras with a deep understanding of investor needs. Following its gradual international expansion, C-Quadrat is now active in 21 different countries. Our QUANTIC STRATEGIES™ redefine value driven investing. They combine market analytics with key fundamental decisions.



This strategy determining the number of shares to invest in, it will be available at each investment time
standing investment is always distributed in equal parts over this number of shares. This strategy increases opportunities and risks.


The basis for the purchase of investment units of the Quantic Fair Global ESG fund is the presently valid prospectus, the current versions of the key investor document (“KID” or “KIID”) as well as the annual report and, if older than eight months, the semi-annual report. Potential investors may obtain the current German-language versions free-of-charge from MASTERINVEST Kapitalanlage GmbH, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1, Top 27, 1030 Wien and from the registered seat of the paying agent and information office in Germany, Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA, Kaiserstraße 24, D-60311 Frankfurt am Main. They are also available at

Data based Sustainability, ESG & Green Strategies

The Investment today enables the world of tomorrow. 
Linking our strategies with the power of ESG criteria  (environment, society and corporate governance) of international providers, we offer tailored solutions for ESG, SRI (socially responsible investing) and green investing. Data driven ESG criteria are included in the investment process based on the demand of the client.



Based on more than 20 years exeprience and 7 years of development, we created leading DeepData Products for the financial industry.






Our data approach to distil unparalleled, cutting-edge analysis and predictive solutions like CDX & ADX from billions of corporate financial statement data.


Our multidimensional algorithm and financial statement forecasting solution for finanicial institutions and
corporate firms.


Our DeepData forecasting solution for capital market prices and investment strategies based on CreditDynamix© forecasts and behavioural factors.


Our desktop application   to forecast and simulate single banks, corporates, entire portfolios, industries and countries with a few clicks.

Q/1 Platform

The Quantic flagship for institutional investors wanting to forecast and simulate global bond, credit and equity portfolios.

Christian Jost becomes a member of Quantics management board

C-QUADRAT Investment Group: Christian Jost becomes a member of the management board of QUANTIC Financial SolutionsQUANTIC Financial Solutions, an asset manager specialising in quantitative investment strategies and a member of the C-Quadrat Investment Group, is...

Quantic expands its sales team

Robert Schneider and Jakub Krivan join the sales team of Quantic Financial Solutions.The asset manager QUANTIC Financial Solutions, a company of the C-Quadrat Investment Group, which specializes in quantitative investment strategies, won two sales professionals for...

QUANTIC releases COVID Global Corporate Impact Simulation

Quantic provides free access to the COVID economic impact simulationFrom 2012, Quantic Financial Solutions (“Quantic”) developed an algorithm-based forecasting model that creates balance sheet forecasts and risk indicators. Deep Data Analysis We use our proprietary...

QUANTIC works on COVID-19 Impact Simulation

COVID-19 vs. Economy Corona is not only a viral disease that threatens humanity and, unfortunately, costs many lives, but also forces politics and governments around the world to take rigorous measures and has a major impact on the economic system. The disease is now...

Quantic starts new fund: Quantic Global ESG

Quantic Financial Solutions - a company of the C-Quadrat Investment Group - starts the first ESG fund: QUANTIC global fair ESG The QUANTIC global fair ESG fund selects from the best sustainable and ESG-compliant stocks worldwide. These are generated according to ESG...

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Investments are associated with risks. The performance of the strategies is not guaranteed. In addition, past performance is in no way an assurance or a reliable indicator of current or future performance. Investors may not get back the amount they originally invested or may not get it back in full.

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This information is based on sources that Quantic believes to be reliable and is subject to change without notice.

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