DeepData® Asset Management.

Quantic Financial Solutions develops high end risk & asset management solutions
for financial institutions, investment professionals and corporates based on our DeepData Solutions.

Asset Management

Quantitative investment strategies
based on our AssetDynamix

Risk Management

Best in class global DeepData risk modelling and prediction solutions.

DeepData Products

DeepData Products for financial forecasts based on data of 42+ million corporates.

Advisory & Restructuring

Quantic Solutions for portfolio restructuring, enhancement & optimisation.

Advisors and scientists for the next generation of asset management, risk analysis & prediction models and leading edge products for financial professionals and corporates.




Financial institutions nowadays have plenty of information available about their corporate customers. The challenge, however, lies in making the right decisions at the right time based on that wealth of information.
The financial industry has reached a new level of speed, regulation and competition. New solutions are needed to keep up the pace.

In a post digital age, having the right information provides a crucial advantage in a highly competitive market.

Our innovative approach to risk analysis enables a new quality of information, ratings and scorings for risk and profitability management. Economic forecasts and predictions reach a new level of precision in quality and will significantly reduce losses.

Based on the data of millions of corporates and thousands of financial institutions, Quantic offers a proprietary innovative prediction model and a state-of-the-art interface, which enables any user to assess information in a completely new kind of way.

2011 we developed a quantitative engine to predict every single balance sheet position of every single company – globally.
It is used by major banks all over Europe and audited by 3 of the Big 4.

In 2018 we created a fully automated
DeepData® investment engine for single asset strategies.

In 2022 we have around
1.1 bn EUR fee generating assets under management and advisory, and 35 bn EUR assets under risk consulting.



QUANTIC developed a new generation
of Investment Strategies. Dynamic trading algorithms
for equity investments based on our asset model
AssetDynamix for Equity, CDS & Bonds.

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The innovative approach to risk analysis enables a new quality of information, ratings and scorings for risk management. Economic forecasts and predictions reach a new level of precision in quality and will significantly reduce losses.

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Quantic Financial Solutions provides
leading edge portfolio analytics
and investment decision support
tools for you and your organisation.

Credit Risk Analysis

Asset Management

PD Estimation & Rating

IFRS9 Curves
& Managment

Corporate Forecasting

Business Branch &
Geographic Forecasting

Satellite models for
Bank Stress Testing

Portfolio Management
& Asset Selection

Real-time Corporate
Credit Decisioning

Efficiency Gain for Banks in Credit

Regulatory Stress Testing

Early Warning Systems

Quantic opens a new Office in Bratislava

Quantic Financial Solutions expands into neighbouring Slovakia and opens its first branch office in Bratislava. "Being close to our clients allows us to better understand the market and develop products," says Jakub KřivanHead of Branch Office Slovakia / Director...

Christian Jost becomes a member of Quantics management board

C-QUADRAT Investment Group: Christian Jost becomes a member of the management board of QUANTIC Financial SolutionsQUANTIC Financial Solutions, an asset manager specialising in quantitative investment strategies and a member of the C-Quadrat Investment Group, is...

QUANTIC releases COVID Global Corporate Impact Simulation

Quantic provides free access to the COVID economic impact simulationFrom 2012, Quantic Financial Solutions (“Quantic”) developed an algorithm-based forecasting model that creates balance sheet forecasts and risk indicators. Deep Data Analysis We use our proprietary...

QUANTIC works on COVID-19 Impact Simulation

COVID-19 vs. Economy Corona is not only a viral disease that threatens humanity and, unfortunately, costs many lives, but also forces politics and governments around the world to take rigorous measures and has a major impact on the economic system. The disease is now...


We've proven our prediction models and risk solutions
with leading financial institutions.

Having been in business since 2011, our client portfolio includes global top 100 institutions, regional and local banks, EUR systems, international central banks, several of the world's largest audit firms and leading asset management service companies.

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