Quantic starts new fund: Quantic Global ESG

Quantic Financial Solutions – a company of the C-Quadrat Investment Group – starts the first ESG fund:
QUANTIC global fair ESG

The QUANTIC global fair ESG fund selects from the best sustainable and ESG-compliant stocks worldwide. These are generated according to ESG criteria and from fundamental relationships & forecasts of capital market developments. The high ethical values ​​and the social, ecological and governance goals (ESG – Environment Social Governance) are implemented on the basis of exclusion criteria and the best-in-class approach.

Two specially developed algorithm-based forecasting models – QUANTIC CreditDynamix and AssetDynamix – calculate forecasts and investment models from a global data universe that provide access to future fundamental information of every single company for every investment decision – globally.

The fund is aimed at institutional investors who want to achieve the best possible return each year with a purely quantitative investment strategy. At the same time, the funds invested should have a visible and measurable social impact in terms of social, ecological and governance criteria (ESG). Relative risks, but also speculative expectations should be excluded.

Global DeepData
The DeepData approach makes it possible to collect targeted global data and key figures and to use the total database of over 10 billion data points as the basis for any analysis and decision at any time using specially developed multidimensional algorithms. QUANTIC risk and forecasting solutions have been used by large companies and systemically important banks and financial institutions for more than seven years.

QUANTIC Financial Solutions has been a licensed asset manager since January 2020. The QUANTIC team uses a “long-only” strategy. Based on the quantitative investment model AssetDynamix, selected and invested in the top global stocks of the entire euro area.

Important note: Every capital investment is associated with a risk. The basis for the purchase of investment units is the currently valid sales prospectus, the annual report and, if older than eight months, the semi-annual report. The current version of the customer information documents (“KID”, “KIID”) and the published sales prospectuses (including fund regulations) for the named funds are available to interested parties in German at Past performance results do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the future development of an investment fund and do not guarantee the same or similar performance for the future. All rights reserved.

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