QUANTIC releases COVID Global Corporate Impact Simulation

Quantic provides free access to the COVID economic impact simulation

From 2012, Quantic Financial Solutions (“Quantic”) developed an algorithm-based forecasting model that creates balance sheet forecasts and risk indicators.

Deep Data Analysis

We use our proprietary DeepData analysis to project balance sheet positions from every single listed and non-listed company worldwide into the future.
We use these analyses in our asset management products, portfolio optimizations and restructuring projects.

With this system, we have now in cooperation with a Big4 auditor created a global impact forecast of an initial sample of 100.000+ companies by industry, region and company size based on 3 different macroeconomic scenarios for the Eurozone, US and UK reflecting the latest development within the COVID-19 crisis. Further countries will be analysed in the upcoming days.

Depending on the further course of action of the individual governments, the scenarios outlined are amplified or weakened. Those decisions will also have a significant impact on the course of the individual industrial sectors, or will lengthen or shorten the period of economic recovery.


“Coming from a strong risk background and proving our approaches and models with leading financial institutions we extended our view on global interlinks and correlations. Sufficient data was always the basis for analysis and projection into the future.”


QUANTIC online Simulator

QUANTIC provides the first preliminary results of their economic study in an online simulator, which visualises the impact on 11 countries and 13 industries.

This economic study by QUANTIC is provided for financial professionals and professional investors.

The simulator will be updated on a regular base within the next weeks and months with new data and scenarios.

QUANTIC releases COVID Global Corporate Impact Simulation

Get free access on the Quantic website

To get free access to the Quantic COVID Simulation please register online on our registration site.

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