QUANTIC works on COVID-19 Impact Simulation

COVID-19 vs. Economy

Corona is not only a viral disease that threatens humanity and, unfortunately, costs many lives, but also forces politics and governments around the world to take rigorous measures and has a major impact on the economic system. The disease is now spreading to the economy, dramatically increasing unemployment and public debt, putting businesses of all sizes under pressure and producing many defaults.

DeepData Analysis

From 2012, Quantic Financial Solutions (“Quantic”) developed an algorithm-based forecasting model that creates balance sheet forecasts and risk indicators from them.
We use our proprietary DeepData analysis to project balance sheet positions from every single company with published financials – listed and non-listed – worldwide into the future.
We use these analyzes in our asset management products, portfolio optimizations and restructuring projects.

Forecasting Global Economic Impact

With this system, we have now created a global forecasting of tens of thousands of companies by industry, region and company size in cooperation with a Big4 auditor with 3 different macroeconomic scenarios regarding the last development within the COVID-19 crisis.

Depending on the further course of action of the individual governments, the scenarios outlined are amplified or weakened. Those decisions will also have a significant impact on the course of the individual industrial sectors, or will lengthen or shorten the period of economic recovery.

QUANTIC works on COVID-19 Impact Simulation

QUANTIC will release first results in end of April.

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